How to Commit to Your Commit to Fit

Every year when Christmas wraps up and New Year’s looms, people begin to make their New Year’s Resolutions: goals we have to try and make ourselves better next year. The most common New Year’s Resolution is to get in shape, with everyone flocking to their nearest gym to sign up and commit to fit. And… Read more »


Study suggests positive outcomes for a new online mental health clinic

Does a new year necessarily have to mean a new you? We hear it all the time with New Year’s Resolutions – the want to lose weight, cut out a bad habit or change your overall outlook on the world. Resolutions can be a great thing, but they often die out and become forgotten as… Read more »



“Man cannot remake himself without pain, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.” – Alexis Carrel I wasn’t really sure what I was going to write for this month’s issue. If you know me, you know that mental health is something that I truly care about. Some of the most important people in… Read more »


    The Ball and Chain

      It’s like the unofficial first step into getting married. Maybe. But so many people are scared to actually dive into a long-term relationship. Now, long-term doesn’t have to mean 5 or 10 years; the couple determines whether they’ve been in a long-term or committed relationship, so you’ll know when you’re in one.   There’s… Read more »


    An Open Letter to My “Almost Relationship”

    Dear you-know-who-you-are, Where do I start? Writing this letter alone poses the difficult task of translating the endless stream of thoughts that run wild in my mind, into a beautiful amalgamation of words that would make you understand how I feel. To this, I say, I will try my best. We weren’t in a relationship… Read more »


    The Scientific Truth Behind Dark Penises and Lady Parts

      Bananas come in all different shapes, colours and sizes – it’s a known fact. Some are soft, ripe, and you can even freeze them for banana bread if they discolour to the point of no return!  But have you ever looked down and noticed that your Tom Jones has discoloured with age? If you… Read more »



    When he looks at me, I stand so very still. Look at him walking towards me; my eyes start to water, skin starts to shiver, clit starts to quiver.   Look at him touching himself; I try to hide my nekkedness from him, hoping that his phone rings to distract him, when really I don’t… Read more »


    Why It’s Not That Big of a Deal to Lose Your Virginity (From A Girl’s Point of View)

      Losing your virginity is something special, right? People say it’s supposed to be this huge, concentrated event that only happens once in your life…and that it’s a serious matter. The build up towards it is more intense than you think. That’s when you first become a ‘real’ woman they say – after you’ve had… Read more »


    Relationships are like Public Bathrooms

    Relationships are like public bathrooms. They are everywhere, yet those who wait are desperate to get inside, and those inside can’t wait to get out. In theory, a forever sweetheart sounds nice, but in reality and according to science- “long term”, just isn’t in the books. Juan may have tried to win you over with… Read more »


    Sexiest Athletes Alive

      MEN Cristiano Ronaldo When you think of a soccer player in 2016 in terms of skill, you are most likely going to think about Lionel Messi. But, that’s not what this list is about. And there’s no denying that the ladies love Cristiano Ronaldo. The jawline, the cheekbones, the abs … Ronaldo has women… Read more »


    Being with Someone

      There is a difference between Missing a person for who they are And missing the sake of being with someone; But if I understand this difference, Why do I mourn the loss of what we had When it was so short lived?   Admittedly, I no longer miss you; I stopped missing you long… Read more »


    Let’s Talk about Repro Rights

    Reproductive health is a part of your overall health! Since the second wave of feminism emerged in the 1960-70s, reproductive rights has been a controversial issue worldwide. It is crucial for a woman to exercise her right to control her body and to choose when she is ready to become a mother. Unfortunately, not everyone… Read more »


    “Kill Them with Kindness”—or don’t. You’ll totally get screwed over.

    Hey, boys. Do you have a friend that’s a girl who’s always nice to you? I’m talking genuine smiles, flirting, funny text conversations, hello and goodbye hugs? Chances are, she’s totally into you. Or not. Probably not. 99% sure not. How do I know? I’m that girl – that genuinely nice girl that guys always… Read more »