What it’s like to host a party

Hosting a party can have its ups and downs. It’s great if you know how to host a party that everyone will end up talking about later on. However, if you host a boring one, no one will ever want to come back to your house. The very first party that I ever hosted was… Read more »


Drinking Etiquette: Top Five Tips for Keeping Classy

Being prone to open bar events and a smaller body mass, alcohol quite naturally flows into my system and very rarely out of my control. Coming from a smaller city than Toronto, alcohol and house parties were a frequent aspect of our underage culture. This, in turn, became my alcohol socialization, and I’ve never been more grateful…. Read more »


How to avoid being a wallflower

Every party needs a pooper; that’s why you exist. Right? Wrong, sweet pea. It doesn’t matter how above the party scene you think you are, or how inept you think you are in turning that scene into a major motion picture. The fact of the matter is that we all want to be noticed, because… Read more »


Which Lit Are You?

Anybody who’s ever been drunk or been around drunk people can agree with this statement – there’s a lot of different types of drunks. You may not always be the same type of drunk or there may be certain types of alcohols that affect you differently, but almost everybody falls under a category of lit…. Read more »

  • Your Go-To Party Playlist

      Gasolina – Daddy Yankee Get Low – Dillon Francis (DJ Snake Remix) Worth It – Fifth Harmony Express Yourself – Diplo ft. Nicky Da B Purple Pills – D12 Work (Remix) – A$AP Ferg Intoxicated – Zeds Dead In Da Club – 50 Cent Shabba – A$AP Ferg Lean On – Major Lazer Buggati… Read more »

  • litandtell

    MacMedia Gets Lit & Tells

    Anonymous Partying Confessions, courtesy of the MacMedia Staff From Remington’s to Flash, there was no holding back. I became quite friendly with a stripper named “Justin” before making a bolt over to Flash. We bumped into Justin on the way home taking two girls home with us. Four lines later with the ladies long gone, a threesome… Read more »

  • mat

    Play with Matches

    Your touch burns like gin, intoxicating my skin. A tonic jolt finds its way down my spine.   As the fire slowly dies, the light in my chest flickers. My bones flutter in fragments, wanting more.   Flimsy words that graze my neck turn into warm sighs. I want to know what your lips taste… Read more »

  • Hanging Up That Hangover

    “One more can’t hurt.” These are often a person’s last words before they wake up the next morning afraid of sunlight, sound and standing up. Hangovers are, of course, the balance-killing friend who shows up the next morning after a night of drinking to kick you in the head a few times. Of course, if… Read more »

  • artsy

    The Basic AF Costume Epidemic

    “I’m a mouse…duh” – the Gospel, according to Mean Girls What’s more terrifying than A Nightmare on Elm Street? It’s the sea of girls dressed as cats and football players that seem to clog the metaphorical drain of every Halloween party. For that matter, if I never see another 20-year-old male dressed as a nerd… Read more »

  • vod

    One Shot Vodka, One Shot School

    We all know that everyone is bummed out now that summer’s over and we’re back in school. You have to switch gears and get back into the swing of things. Even though summer’s over, that doesn’t mean the parties are. I know how badly you want to spend Thursday through Sunday getting sloshed at a… Read more »

  • faded

    Faded ≠ A Good Party

    Partying in the modern age has become synonymous with drinking and the usage of drugs. Instagram profiles have become saturated with photos of liquour bottles and chase with hashtags such as: #ftb, #girlsnight, #faded, #ravetilldawn, and etc. It’s rare to find photos of a party that doesn’t involve the infamous red solo cup. There is… Read more »

  • partying

    Partying Is Not So Cool At All

    Getting hammered, getting high, getting laid, and going crazy are probably the gist of partying, in my opinion, based on the parties I’ve attended before. That is probably very opinionated, biased, and inaccurate for me to say, simply because I hate partying. Regardless, I still go to parties every now and then since some of… Read more »

  • ex

    “One Rep at a Time”

    Let me take you back to my time as Editor-in-Chief at MacMedia—circa 2014. Deadlines had me pouncing from mountains of magazines to my computer as I attacked the million and one things on my to-do list. Trying to escape the loneliness of a Thursday night in McLaughlin’s basement, I left the MacMedia office door wide… Read more »

  • students-group-field3

    Get Amped for #CodeOrange: Events to look out for

    Haven’t sold you on why #CodeOrange will be the best Frosh Week on campus? Well, here’s some Frosh events that should convince you! Get amped! MAC Infiltrates Downtown Toronto MAC was running through the 6 with our woes! Do you know how that shit go? Imagine over 300 people running through the streets of Toronto… Read more »