Get Amped for #CodeOrange: Events to look out for

Haven’t sold you on why #CodeOrange will be the best Frosh Week on campus? Well, here’s some Frosh events that should convince you! Get amped! MAC Infiltrates Downtown Toronto MAC was running through the 6 with our woes! Do you know how that shit go? Imagine over 300 people running through the streets of Toronto… Read more »


Myths vs. Fact about York

Myth: York is a dangerous place to be. Fact: People claim that due to York’s relatively high exposure in media coverage of sexual assault reports, shootings, and other violent and street crimes, a lot of that exposure is superfluous, because the majority of incidents occur in the highly stigmatized surrounding area (not necessarily on campus).


Undergrad Eats: Avoiding the Freshmen 15

When creeping those from your past, you may come across a universal epidemic known as the Freshmen 15. You may even come across people who acquired the Sophomore 30 and Senior 60. For those confused, meal plans and an abundance of quick meal options on university campuses can be very dangerous to your health and… Read more »

  • Frosh Issue: Editor’s Note

    So, you’re a MAC Wolf, huh? You better be ready to howl like one too! If some of you wolf pups need a little bit of guidance then we’ve got you covered. Who’s we? I’m glad that you asked! MacMedia is McLaughlin College’s only magazine and your go-to read at York for anything that your… Read more »

  • In Touch

    My past is a closet door I prefer to keep shut. When that part of my life ended I was so quick to shut that book, Receive the piece of paper that represents my accomplishment, Put the final words of this experience down on the last page With the hope that I will go on… Read more »

  • frozen

    We are here in a foreign land

    Leaving home is what everyone does at some point in his or her life, and it is a sign of growing up. I, a Cantonese, at the age of 17, had left home for education in North America. I went to the University of Washington in Seattle for a brief English language course in 2012,… Read more »

  • leanr

    Frosh 101: What you can learn from your Frosh Bosses

    Don’t worry – we’ve all felt what you’re feeling right now. Whether you’re a first year going through your first frosh, or a returning student to York University, there’s a mixture of anxiety, curiosity and slight nausea as you walk through the halls. To all newcomers, congratulations!

  • Questions you may have about Frosh Week

    Should I always wear my Frosh shirt? It’s just a keepsake, so why does it matter? Hell to the yes. It’s not only your swag for the week (orange looks great on you, FYI), but it shows the rest of York who you’re affiliated with (the best), and should you get lost or confused, Frosh… Read more »

  • Why I regret not going to Frosh

    I like to think of myself as a one-man Wolfpack. If I ever signed up for an online dating website, my favourite activities would be listed as, “thinking I’m better than everyone else”, along with, “mentally judging you”, and karaoke.

  • Transitioning from High School to University

    Many students are nervous when starting university for the first time, but it’s completely normal and a part of life. You’re going from being a senior to a freshman again. It’s mind-boggling to think about how your first lecture will be and you’ve heard stories from your parents or older siblings, which are usually a… Read more »

  • sports

    Sports: The Secret to Success

    University is often referred to as “the best years of your life”, but your first year can be an intimidating experience. A new campus where every building seems to be multiple sizes bigger than your high school, lectures with hundreds of students and a decrease in teacher-student attention.